Therapy that’s chill AF.

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Life is hard. Especially when you’re out here trying to live your best life. I’m talking about having to look good, smell good, keep a job and a clean house, and not snap on fools or have a breakdown in public. It’s crucial to have some space and time where the focus is on just you; where you can get the insight and perspective of someone professionally trained to help you get your mind right, and find your dang peace.



Soco Rey Therapy offers individual, couples and group therapy sessions. Individual sessions are always recommended before beginning couples or group therapy.

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What Therapy Ain’t

Therapy at Soco Rey Therapy isn’t on some super psychoanalytic tip. We’ll talk about what to change to get the results you want. See what people have to say.

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Weekly Wisdom

Weekly, Soco addresses issues involving dating, social media, and other commonly faced personal or interpersonal issues or questions. Password granted to clients.

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Ain’t nothing wrong with a little therapy, y’all.