Your Therapists


Soco Reynoso, LCSW

Soco is short for Socorro, the Spanish word which means, “I help.” My mother is Black & my father is Mexican. I grew up in Chino and graduated with a BA in Psychology from Claremont McKenna College and an MSW from UC Berkeley. Since 2010, I have been helping adults and children move through emotional blocks. My area of focus in therapy is in helping people overcome symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. There are very small ways we can adjust our thinking that can drastically change our lives. I’m here to help people make those small but powerful changes. I am especially passionate about helping people of color see that therapy isn’t a big or scary thing. It’s just some moments you carve out to tune up your thinking so you feel better about yourself, and so that you can be a better person for all the lives you touch. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little therapy, y’all.


Tristian Mitchell, LCSW

Tristian grew up in South LA.  90043 to be exact. He attended CSULB and received his MSW from UCLA. He is determined to “turn the system upside down,” helping Black people negatively impacted by America’s many broken systems. He recognized the need for his people to have therapists who looked like them, who have a shared, or similar experience navigating the world as Black people. He has experience working with individuals learning to cope with life’s obstacles - big and small, traumas, patients and families navigating grief and terminal illnesses, couples in crises, formerly incarcerated teens, and teens impacted by foster care. His hope is that he can serve as a breath of fresh air to a people who society has long tried to suffocate.


Robin Dial, ACSW

In South Los Angeles born and raised, Windsor Hills is where she spent most of her days. Robin is unapologetically Black and Proud, representing a people with unbelievable resilience, unquestionable strength and an undeniable beauty that manages to shine even under the most adverse conditions. Her journey to becoming a therapist began with her own experience with mental illness: anxiety. Therapy changed her life, helping her see she had the power to manage uncomfortable, scary, out of control feelings like a boss! She knew then that she wanted to help others like herself.  Robin attended Arizona State University & received a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Family and Human Development. She later attended graduate school at the University of New England and received a Master of Social Work.  She has experience attending to the emotional needs of individuals as they navigate through this thing called life and has worked with adolescents and adults who suffer from anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss. 


Cornell Williams, LCSW

Cornell is a psychotherapist & founder of Equitable Solutions. Equitable solutions is a clinical consultation corp that provides clinical services to organizations, clinical professionals, and consumers.  He received his Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA & has worked as a clinician in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and non-profit orgs, providing psychotherapy for individuals & groups using culturally competent interventions tailored to the people he serves. He believes in the wisdom that states, "So a man thinks, therefore he is.” The harmful thoughts that individuals in his community have been made to believe have impacted their realities. He seeks to provide alternative ways of thinking, hoping, and giving timely insight. He truly believes in not waiting on the solution, but becoming the solution.